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Winning Edge Magazine is the leading quarterly title for sales managers

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E-Commerce Know your Customer

Consultants suggest there are as many as eight types of online shopper and what they really want from a retailer’s online store: Determined shoppers know exactly what they want. Help them find it efficiently with easy-to-use search and clear navigation Indecisive shoppers may be overwhelmed by too many options, so make it easier for them by curating the products well – and the online experiences that surrounds them Informed shoppers won’t buy until they have [...]

Breaking Down Barriers

Let’s considers the three most common sales objections Rejection is a part of sales, but that doesn’t mean any salesperson enjoys it. In fact, it can hinder your performance significantly if you allow it to get under your skin. Here are the three most common objections and how to tackle them. We don’t have the Money This is an easy objection to conjure up and you should see this as a sign that you haven’t [...]

Six Techniques that can help you become a more confident and far less stressed cold caller

Cold calling is an essential tool for many sales professionals – and to do it successfully requires good nerves, a thick skin and, of course, an ability to sell. But, despite its importance, many salespeople shy away from cold calling and find it extremely stressful. Here are six tips on how you can overcome cold calling anxiety. Breathe slowly Everyone has different rhythms of breathing to keep them relaxed. To find yours, place your hand [...]

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The Magazine is published on behalf of the Institute of Sales Management (ISM). Most ISM members receive their copy of Winning Edge at their home address, so we are not competing with more general business publications.

Winning Edge is the best resource to meet this key target market. As the magazine of the ISM it is an essential read to keep members informed of Institute initiatives as well as leading industry thought and debate. It is also a ‘must read’ for those involved in sales management from board level down.

Editorial subjects cover the whole spectrum of sales related topics, including:

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And many more!

Winning Edge covers all commercial and not-for-profit sectors with editorial that draws on the expertise of one area and reviews how it can be applied to all.

ISM is sales management’s leading professional body. Whether you see sales management as your profession or as a key skill, ISM membership can support you throughout your career. Membership provides you with information, networking opportunities and recognition.