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Sales Tools

Covering an array of uses, our ISM Fellows have willingly shared their strategies and tools that can help salespeople be more productive and close more deals. So, what can organisations do to better support and free up their salespeople, so they can close more sales?

Here is a list of sales tools used and recommended by ISM Fellows.


Views contained in the list below are those of the individual contributors and are not necessarily those of the ISM. None of the information in this area represents professional advice and you should always undertake full research or take appropriate advice before acting on information contained herein.

Campaign Monitor

What does it do?

It has helped me gather data though easy to use sign up forms and for delivering one off campaigns through to automated journeys. I have used this for prospecting new clients by asking them to subscribe for more information, through to delivering a weekly mentorship program with written and video content. It is easy to use as you can add photos, video content, links to email response or website/landing pages. The reporting will show me who has opened it, where they are, what time, how many times they open it and what links the click on. Very cost-effective system as I pay around £29 per month for the use, its flexible and has options I haven’t explored yet that could prove to be even more useful.

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Thanks to: Paul Blair ISM Fellow for the recommendation


What does it do?

i-snapshot is a unique mobile-based sales management solution that enables field sales to enter sales reports in seconds and allows its users to improve the efficiency of their sales force and drive revenue. i-snapshot provides clients with access to sales force activity and behaviour data including details of customers visited, the reason for the visit and the outcome along with the analytical frameworks to turn the data into information and understanding in real time. I-snapshot has a native app for all main mobile platforms.

Agents and other staff are more efficient, now that paperwork is automated, and customers can order freezers and marketing collateral more easily. Sales have also become a board-level agenda item. Boards are used to comprehensive data sets that have historically been provided by finance and production, before i-snapshot, there was only sales data for the period. Now, there is data that supports the actions of the sales team, making it something the board can discuss more effectively.

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Thanks to: Martin Allison ISM Fellow for the recommendation

Book your FREE Business Coaching Session

What does it do?

Understanding your business DNA – This questionnaire has been designed to help us understand where you are currently. It’s a stake in the ground and allows us to have a look under the surface of what’s going on right now.

Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, you’ll be invited to book a FREE 45 minute business session with Jim Rees exploring your results and given the opportunity to add further context to your team/organisation.

We’re keen to find out as much as we can before we engage with a new client.

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Thanks to: Jim Rees, BESMA Judge


What does it do?

Trello allows you to organise and prioritise your tasks into different boards, lists and cards so you can see an overview of everything that needs to be done, making it great for time management and working together. We use Trello all the time here at The Entrepreneur’s Godmother.

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Thanks to: Alison Edgar ISM Fellow for the recommendation