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The launch of the ISM London

The launch of the ISM London regional events proved to be a thriving success. Attendees turned up early at this breakfast meeting to take advantage of the opportunity to network with other sales professionals, and to share ideas and insight. We were thrilled to be joined by Mike Lever, Director of New Results Training and winner of Sales Trainer of the Year BESMA 2013. Mike delivered a highly engaging session that investigated the [...]

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Webinar: How to Turn an A-Player into a B-Player in under 4 weeks

Hire Slow; Fire Fast You’ve just invested the price of a small mortgage hiring James Bond. You’ve scoured the market for candidates, suffered the indignity of working with recruiters, scanned dozens of CVs, interviewed for hours and sifted out the C-players and weaker B-players. You’ve found an A-player, you’re hoping s/he’ll be a superstar but you don’t want to come across as a micromanager or control freak, so you leave them to their own [...]

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Webinar: Why Is Your Sales Manager Is Your Biggest Liability?

The correct sales manager can help a team transform from average to great. The wrong sales manager can turn a high performing team into a bunch of losers, whiners and excuse makers and will drive away your top performers, leaving you with the deadwood and inconsistent performers. In this, no punches pulled, webinar, Marcus Cauchi from Sandler Training will help you identify if your sales manager is Winston Churchill or Winnie the Pooh. [...]

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Webinar: How to build a powerful partner channel & 13 mistakes to avoid

Channel sales is too often seen as the bastard, ugly sister of direct sales but this is a huge mistake. Forrester and Gartner agree that most of all sales and technology will be sold through the channel over the next 10 years. Unless you have a strong channel sales strategy and effective partnerships you risk being left behind. Partners sell for their reasons not your reasons and you had better understand them or you [...]

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Press Release: ISM Launch Learning and Development Leaders’ Forum Last week saw the launch of the ISM’s new Learning and Development Leaders’ Forum which provides ISM Corporate Partners with a platform for engagement to come together, share best practice, discuss common challenges and further inform the work of the ISM. Chaired by ISM Fellow Andy Gray and hosted by Speedy Services, the first meeting was underpinned by Kirkpatrick’s four levels of [...]

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Kerry Nutley, Vice President Digital GS – Sales at BT, appointed BESMA 2018 Head Judge

Press Release: Kerry Nutley, Vice President Digital GS - Sales at BT, appointed BESMA 2018 Head Judge It is with great pleasure that the ISM is today able to announce the appointment of Kerry Nutley, Vice President Digital Sales at BT as our Head Judge for the British Excellence in Sales Management Awards 2018. Kerry will be responsible for leading and supporting the wider panel of industry experts who will judge [...]

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Making waves – and friends – in Malaysia

The ISM has been proactively building its global networks, most recently in Malaysia, where we were delighted to be able to strengthen our links Members have been talking to us for some time now about the desire to be part of a Sales Professional Body with a truly global reach. Although the ISM is UK based, we do already have an established global presence and reach but our ambition to continue to develop and increase [...]

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How to pick more winners

Darren Spence explains how you can take the luck out of recruiting great salespeople It still surprises me that employers and specialist recruitment companies don’t work better together to improve the way salespeople are hired and onboarded. Too much emphasis (and risk) rests on the shoulders of the employer to manage the process effectively – recruiters could do more. I’ll come back to that point later on, but first let me ask you a couple [...]

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North East regional event is a sell-out success!

The ISM’s North East regional group has ‘hit the ground running’ with a hugely popular and well-received relaunch event in Newcastle The North East group met for a presentation and networking evening on Thursday 3rd May at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Newcastle’s Stephenson Quarter. The event – effectively a relaunch of the group – was a highly successful sell-out. It featured the guest presenter for the evening, Tony Wilson, founder and Chairman of Lifestyle [...]

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Geberit shows the way

The ISM has been helping sanitary products manufacturer Geberit boost its sales training and recently 10 of the company’s salespeople received their ISM Level 3 Certificate in Professional Sales Over the last two years Geberit, an ISM corporate partner, has invigorated its sales training approach to the point where, today, it meets the requirements of ISM qualifications and of the national training standards of which they form a part. As a result, ISM has endorsed [...]

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