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ISM Sales Training

The ISM is the UK’s only Professional Sales Awarding Body that is recognised by Government Office of Qualifications (Ofqual).  Our mission is to uphold the standards of professional selling and as the leading expert in Sales Qualifications and Training the Institute works with a network of approved training Centres who offer a range of ISM Endorsed Sales Training and ISM Qualifications.

What is the difference between a Endorsed and Recognised Centre?

An ISM Recognised Centre can offer OFQUAL Qualifications and a Endorsed Training Partner can only offer ISM Short Training.

What is an ISM Endorsed Training Partner?

As part of the ISM’s Education remit we work with a variety of Sales Training providers whose materials, delivery methods and standards are assessed by our Education team to ensure their quality against industry standards.

Learners who undertake an ISM Endorsed course have full confidence that the Endorsed Training Partner has undergone a thorough process to ensure the highest quality of provision is in place and meets the National Occupational Standards for Sales. Endorsed training courses can range from half day to a few weeks.

Current List of Endorsed Centres

What is an ISM Recognised Centre?

The ISM are recognised by the UK Government’s regulator Ofqual as an awarding organisation to offer qualifications in Sales and Sales Management. Our Sales qualifications are industry led and directly related to sales roles. They are available as Certificates and Diplomas across Levels 2-6.

ISM Recognised Centres are authorised to offer ISM qualifications which are delivered via a mix of online and face to face delivery. They are located across the UK and can work with you to best meet your needs.

Current List of Recognised Centres