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Curtain call for Death of a Salesman

Gone are the days of the abrasive salesperson, a talking brochure who battered clients into buying – now sales must add value and deliver results for the client Willy Loman, a character from Arthur Miller’s play Death of a Salesman, would still recognise his industry if he walked into an office [...]

Essential Checklists for Sales Leaders

If you are leading a sales team in any organisation, you might want to have a look at the following points to see if you have them properly fixed in your function; VISIBILITY Are your sales team members visible to all your customers? I mean more of wholesalers and retailers. [...]

10 Things to Understand When Working With Independent Sales Reps

This article was written in collaboration with many independent sales professionals who are currently using CommissionCrowd to find exciting new product and services to add to their current line cards. It is widely considered to be the 'Blueprint' of working with freelance sales agents. So, you’ve decided that it’s time to grow [...]

Sales in a Digital Age – How Can We All Sell with More Certainty?

According to new research commissioned by Pipedrive into the challenges faced by 1,000 sales professionals, we found the following three alarming problems the sales industry needs to address: 74% of sales pros say they are under pressure to raise their current performance 1 in 3 need to improve [...]

Infographic that covers successful cold calling

We teamed up with Salesforce Canada to create an infographic that covers successful cold calling. It discusses the research salespeople need to conduct before a cold call, as well as what to do during and after the call. Because 80% of sales happen after the fifth contact, cold calling is [...]

How to kickstart those stalled sales deals

Stuck deals are a fact of life in  software sales. You’ve invested a lot of time and effort into building the relationship and you’re getting the right buying signals from the client, but then things suddenly ground to a halt and you can’t reach anyone on the phone. It seems [...]

Drive Impact in 2018 by Understanding the Challenges That Lie Ahead

Richardson’s annual research study identifies the key selling challenges that sales professionals and sales leaders across industries will face in 2018. The research offers ground-level insights that will help sales professionals to overcome these challenges and proactively meet the needs of their customers and win more business. In the research, [...]

CRM – the 25% solution

Yes, a bit of a contentious title I know. So how do I justify it? Well, having been around since the time of the dinosaurs (still hanging on to my old 8-bit original yahoo email address) I’ve been the recipient (victim) of many so-called sales productivity tools. Ultimately all [...]

New thoughts on the sales process?

As a salesman, a sales manager, and a sales leader, I have worked the gamut of company size, from the lone salesman through to leading a very large team; and I have sold into practically every recognised industry and vertical market. As you might expect, over so many years, I [...]

50% of salespeople fail to achieve their targets!

A Harvard business review article, published in July-August 1964 by David Mayer and Herbert Greenberg, stated that “A very high proportion of those engaged in selling cannot sell! Today fifty-three years later, business leaders continue to be faced with similar challenges, an expensive resource of sales professional who are [...]